Q: What is Encyclopedia Gigantica?
A: Encyclopedia Gigantica is a tool will help you start a hunting game. It is a virtual book created by the famous game developer in the world and some Japanese-American gamers for new games that will be released very soon. It is a guide for beginners which you would want to have before playing the monster hunting game. You will also find a bestiary and information on weapons and armor, as well as guides for every quest.

Q: What is Gamer Shinbun?
A: Gamer Shinbun is a social game news site where you can read and discuss all the latest news and tips about computer games. Shinbun is a Japanese word for newspaper. The Gamer Shinbun website is updated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our writer-members search the internet to have the most interesting stories get submitted through Gamer Shinbun contributors each day. The most interesting stories will be featured on the blog page where they are rated by the Gamer Shinbun community and reader.

Q: Who writes the news, updates, and tips in Gamer Shinbun?
A: Gamer Shinbun is a website driven by community members which means all the news, stories, updates and tips you will see on our blog are posted by our members. Stories must have a valid source, which can be found via the link beneath each story. Instead of hiring additional staff, we’ve chosen a hundred of members who have the capability and skills to search the Internet for the most interesting stories. In this way, Gamer Shinbun is able to cover as many news stories each day as compared to a traditional game news site.

Q: Where to buy Encyclopedia Gigantica?
A: Encyclopedia Gigantica is available in your favorite game shop and legitimate online stores.We also have it here in our website.