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Thank you for reading Gamer Shinbun! This is a website where you can read news and opinions about computer games and things serious gamers care about. We created this website to inform you and sometimes to also entertain you.

Gamer Shinbun was established in 2010 by Japanese-American gamers. We aim to be an inclusive site for gamers of any ethnicity or gender. We are a passionate community where we share and discuss the latest news about computer gaming. We expect our writers and commenters to treat those they write about as they would if they meet them in person. Please read and explore our website to know more the value of what we mean. If you are a gamer, you sure have a lot of things you can learn from on our website to improve your games and know the latest updates in computer gaming.

If you are interested in computer games and the upcoming releases of new games but don’t know what is the first thing to do, well, now there is a new concept which the famous game developer created to guide every beginner who is keen on some new games that will release soon. The Encyclopedia Gigantica is already out and available through our website.

This game developer is compiling all the pertinent information and guide a player needs to get started in some games that will release soon. While it’s a bit light on content at the moment, the game developer will be filling it with all sorts of helpful information leading up to the game’s release. The book is a handy beginner’s guide which contains information on the game’s weapons and armor, bestiary, and a guide to help you get the most out of the game.

Keep browsing to find out more about the Encyclopedia Gigantica’s visual book for gamers and our Gamer Shinbun website. Welcome and thank you for visiting!